7 Steps to

A  Profitable
Art Career
Hey Creative! I see you and I know the struggle is real. Break free from the self-doubt, starving artist existence and imposter syndrome to begin living your dream as a full time artist!
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Unlock the Secrets A Profitable Art Career Today!
Successful artists aren't born.
They're built.
Do you struggle with

Communicating to your clients about your art in the way that helps them connect to the piece the way that you do?

Setting Prices for your Creative works that makes sense?

Understanding why your work is not selling?

Myesha Franis
Hi, I'm Myesha Francis - visual artist, conscious creative, teacher, and art coach.

My mission as an artist is to share in raising the vibration of the world through creating and sharing soul centered art and helping other creatives and artists do the same on their journey.
" Unlock the Secrets to artistic and creative success without Doing it All Alone in the Dark "
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